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Cookeville Aikido has been proudly serving  martial arts students for the past 8 years.  We have a convenient location inside South-Side Dojo, next door to a daycare and a Dollar General, less than a mile from the interstate  on Willow/Burgess Falls Road.  When your children study martial arts at Cookeville Aikido, you can rest assured that their safety and security is our top priority, and that we have the facilities and equipment necessary to make their learning experience fun and worry free.



Cookeville Aikido is located in a beautiful spacious storefront next door to the Dollar General and Jumping Jelly Beans Day Care Center. We have a viewing area with plenty of seating, and parents are encouraged to come watch their children learn and have fun, or if you'd prefer, you can drop your children off and run an errand in one of the nearby shops or restaurants. 


Safety is THE top priority for our kids' classes.  We believe children have to remain safe and healthy in order to practice, and we want to keep your kids on the mat. While they're in the dojo, your kids will be constantly supervised by instructors trained to give them a good workout while minimizing the risks they encounter. They will train on a large canvas topped mat, and will never be encouraged, or allowed to put themselves or other students in danger. 


Most of the equipment your child will need for daily practice is provided free of charge by the dojo. However, if you try us out for a while, and decide you'd like to purchase some equipment of your own (sparring pads, focus mits, etc.) we're happy to order it for you. Just see one of our friendly staff members and they'll assist you with whatever you need. 

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